Design & BIM

CapCon has in-house BIM capabilities through Revit LT and Naviswork so that we can ensure full 3d co-ordination between our services and other building components i.e. mechanical and electrical services etc.

As sub-contractors working with main contractors who use BIM, we understand that our works also need to be modelled in 3d to maintain project co-ordination standards. We also have knowledge and experience in using Project Collaboration softwares such as BIM Glue and A360.

The siphonic 3d models produced by CapCon directly represent the systems installed on-site, as the prefabricated systems are a correlation and result of the designs produced through BIM. The Revit software allows us to not only model Siphonic systems but also any other 3d requirements to show a full a range of services.

Design & BIM | CapCon Engineering Limited | Ireland