Rainwater Drainage Systems

We work with two types of rainwater disposal systems;

Siphonic Drainage | Gravity Drainage

Siphonic Drainage

The Siphonic Drainage System was originally developed in Scandinavia over 40 years ago. Siphonic Drainage system has been in use in the UK and Ireland since the early 1990’s. Since then Siphonic Drainage has solved many installation problems where it would have been difficult to use traditional gravity rainwater drainage.

CapCon is a registered installer & distributor of numerous Siphonic Rainwater Drainage systems. To design a Siphonic Drainage system there are a number of factors to be taken into account. Each designer has gone through an intense training course and is capable of dealing with the most complex roof areas in the industry. All Siphonic Systems are designed by CapCon’s in house design team, in full compliance with BS EN 12056 -3:2000 & BS EN 8490:2007

CapCon can provide Siphonic Drainage systems in materials such as HDPE, Stainless Steel & Cast Iron. Please contact our technical department directly (link) who will be happy to discuss your specific project requirements, material selections & technical queries.

  • Pipes run horizontally within building envelope
  • Reduces underground drainage requirements
  • Up to 45% cost saving overall
  • Exceptionally accurate design software
  • Easy routing of rainwater from roof to desired discharge location, making system an ideal partner for rainwater harvesting

Gravity Drainage

Gravity drainage is the movement of fluids through pipework by means of gravity forces through calculated falls.

BS EN 12056-3:2000 is the British Standard for Drainage. It is this document we use to calculate our pipe configurations for each specific project. At CapCon Engineering Ltd. we aim to optimise the pipework diameters & falls to ensure we only install the most performance and cost efficient systems tailored to the client needs.

CapCon Engineering Ltd can provide Gravity Drainage in materials such as HDPE, uPVC, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron & Polyester Powder Coated Cast & Extruded Aluminium.