CapCon Engineering Launch New Website

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We’re excited to launch our new, mobile website which is designed to make life easy for site visitors with better navigation, an outline of many of our recent projects and more images of our work and services – so customers can easily see for themselves the extent of our expertise. The investment also represents a new era for the business as we grow into local markets and extend the delivery of our pipe rehabilitation technology, Nu Flow into more domestic and commercial facilities.

The new site has a contemporary design and whether browsing on mobile or desktop you can easily read about our building services, utility services and the latest projects we’ve been working on.

Managing Director Eugene Finn says “we made sure to take our time during the design phase of the new site as we wanted to give our customers a great experience when they visit it and we wanted to make sure it reflected the dynamic nature of our business.  We put a huge focus on making sure the site was easy to navigate and mobile friendly. With more people using mobile technology to browse the internet we wanted to guarantee the site was well optimised for mobile. However, we see this as the first step in our ongoing drive to market and grow the business and we’re very excited about the new projects we have coming up. We hope to publish these on the site as they are delivered so customers can get a sense of the work we deliver, on a timely basis.

The site was developed by leading digital marketing agency Inspiration and it’s built on a WordPress platform. This means that the business can easily update the site internally.


View Our Services

CapCon Engineering provides a variety of both Building Services and Utility Services. We always provide high quality installations and technical expertise with members of our team having worked on projects in the UK and Ireland for over 25 years.  Delivering projects with of an exceptional standard has allowed us to build up long lasting relationships with our customers – you can read some of our client testimonials here.

Employing over 30 highly skilled technicians and engineers we have years of experience in areas such as  Pipe Rehabilitation, Design and BIM, Pre-Fabrication, Rainwater Disposal, Leak Detection and Maintenance.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Since launching the new website we have received a lot of enquires about our Pipe Rehabilitation service. CapCon is a licensed provider of Nu Flow’s revolutionary green technology which is used to rehabilitate the interior of a damaged pipe. We have implemented this technology in a number of our projects delivering superb results. This ground-breaking approach allows us to coat the inside wall of the pipe without causing any damage to the exterior or to the surrounding landscape. This method of rehabilitation is proving very popular in a variety of locations including: residential, commercial, industrial, fire suppression and HVAC systems.

Rainwater Drainage Systems

Another area our customers are finding popular on the site is the new rainwater drainage systems section. We provide two main solutions:

  • Siphonic Drainage Systems
  • Gravity Drainage Systems

When designing a Siphonic System a number of factors must be taken into account. Our designers are highly skilled and are able to deal with extremely complex situations. We have included a short video to briefly explain how the system works.

When we use a Gravity System our engineers carefully calculate pipe configuration using the British Standard for Drainage.  This means that we can provide the most cost efficient system with the best performance possible.


Thanks for Your Loyalty

Thanks for your continued support over the years and we trust you will enjoy using our new site. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information and we look forward to hearing from you soon