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In modern construction, your project demands only the highest standards in design across every element from foundations right through to roof water drainage systems – and everything in between. With those standards in mind, our team places great emphasis on the role of BIM within our design process and see it as a crucial in helping us to meet your project needs.

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Siphonic Specialists

If you’re main contractor, you know how vital it is that smaller, specialist contractors like us here at Capcon have the ability and experience to utilise BIM to its full potential. For you, this means smoother coordination across multiple services given the congested nature of large-scale projects.

As siphonic drainage specialists, we know that BIM can add real value when designing our systems. For example, through the RainPlus software we can export a 3D model into the project file to the precise measurements to which the siphonic calculations are designed. This ensures that what is calculated in terms of siphonic system design is accurately reflected within our siphonic BIM model. We can also deploy BIM software like Revit and Naviswork alongside CAD – 2D.

Accuracy and Precision

We understand that continuity and accuracy are absolutely crucial for you when it comes to large-scale projects. As a result of how we deploy BIM, this consistency is then ensured throughout the construction process and aids the pre-fabrication of the siphonic systems by confirming what is designed will suit the on-site conditions.

As specialist contractors working with main contractors who use BIM, we understand that our works also need to be modelled in 3d to maintain project co-ordination standards. We can work closely with you on your next project, offering advice, insight and knowledge as you require, using project collaboration software such as BIM Glue and A360 to facilitate co-operation as efficiently as possible.

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