Miesian Plaza

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Originally designed by Scott Tallon Walker in the 1960’s, Miesian Plaza underwent extensive redevelopment to provide Grade A office accommodation in line with best international practice and to the highest environmental standards. The completed buildings were awarded LEED Platinum v4 accreditation.

  • Location: Dublin
  • Services: Design Supply and Installation of Siphonic and Gravity Rainwater Drainage Systems.
  • Architects: Scott Tallon Walker
  • Consulting Engineers: ARUP
  • M&E Contractor: Winthrop

Expertise in Drainage

Design Phase

Capcon Engineering completed a detailed design to allow for the integration of a modern drainage system into a historic building while contributing towards LEED Platinum Accreditation. This included a detailed co-ordination process between Capcon Engineering and the design team made possible using the Valsir Rainplus technology.

Construction Phase

Following the design stage Capcon Engineering pre-fabricated HDPE lengths to suit the siphonic calculations which were supplied and installed on site by our experienced crews. The works were completed on a phase basis to suit the main construction programme. Following installation all works were tested and warrantied with all Ancillary certification for the works provided.

We were able to provide a one stop solution from design to sign off while also providing a warranty for the works as all calculations are completed in house.