Parochial House

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Parochial House Leaking Roof Drain Project | CapCon Eng | Ireland

Difficult to Access 2” Roof Drain Relined at Old Parochial House

Site: Built in 1890, this Parochial House is a detached multiple-bay two storey house located in Co. Louth.

System: 50mm (2”) pipe for a roof drain on a small bay window. The pipe was extremely difficult to access as it was buried within the roofs concrete.

Problem: Leaks were present in the house through the roof due to a leaking joint on the pipe. The customer had no way of stopping this as the pipe was encased in the concrete.

Circumvention: The area of the roof were the pipe lay in was small, therefore the entire roof would have needed to be excavated and replaced if the customer had chosen to replace the pipe using conventional methods.  This would have caused a great deal of inconvenience and displacement to the homeowner and would have added significant costs to the project.

Solution: CapCon gained access to the problematic area via an entry point on the roof. The pipe was surveyed, cleaned and prepared for the ‘Nu Drain’ structural liner. This liner was pulled into place via the entry point on the roof, and the hopper head further down the roof, which was used as an exit point. The damaged pipe was given a new structural integrity using the CapCon technique and no digging or excavations were required.  The customer was extremely pleased to have found a non-disruptive solution to their problem. 

Leaking Roof Drain Project | CapCon Eng | Ireland

Parochial House Leaking Roof Drain Project CapCon Eng Parochial House Leaking Roof Drain Project  CapCon Engineering   Leaking Roof Drain  CapCon Eng