Poland Shopping Centre

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Poland Shopping Centre Leaking Sewer Drains Project | CapCon Eng | Ire

Leaking Sewerage Drains Rehabilitated at Poland Shopping Centre

Poland Shopping Centre Leaking Sewer Drains Project | CapCon Eng | Ireland

Customer: Cinema City located in the Galeria Mokotow, Warsaw, Poland.

Site: Galeria Mokotow, opened in 2000, is a three-story modern shopping centre with 260 stores, a fitness club and a cinema. Cinema City is located on the top floor of the shopping centre.

System: Steel and PVC pipelines for the cinema’s sewerage system. The pipelines had numerous elbows, tee joints, connections and diameter changes. The difficult to access system was made up of a network of drains.

Problem: Blockages, cracks and joint failures in the system caused leaks and unpleasant odours to be released into the cinema.

Circumvention: A traditional pipe replacement would have been extremely destructive in this cinema due to the location of the pipelines. The cinema would have experienced business closure for weeks and walls, ceilings, floors and furnishings all would have been dug up.

Solution: CapCon Poland’s technicians were able to successfully rehabilitate the system without causing any disruption to the cinemas normal operations. The project was carried out at night to avoid causing inconvenience to customers and the Nu Drain structural liner was installed with minimal destruction. This CIPP structural liner was pulled-in-place to seal all leaks and prevent future problems from recurring.